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Lessini Durello . DOC Millesimato Met. Martinotti.


This wine is obtained from a Verona’s grape. It comes from an old vineyard of Santa Margherita, in the heart of the vulcanic area of the foothills of Monte Calvarina.

After the normal wine-making, a second fermentation, with the Charmat method, is carried out, obtaining an aromatic fresh product.


Vini D'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2014
1 Bicchiere - Annata '12
Wine Advocate
86 Points - Annata '12
Vini D'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2013
1 Bicchiere - Annata '11
Vini D'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2012
1 Bicchiere - Annata '10