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Evaos . Soave DOC di Roncà.


"Evaos", is produced from the best selection of Garganega grapes grown in the volcanic soil unique to Roncà.

Work in the vineyard is carried out manually, while the work in the winery is precise in every detail, using the latest technology to preserve the qualità and characteristics of the grapes.

It's a distincitve Soave with strong mineral notes, typical of this terroir.

Serve at 8°C.


Vini D'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2016
2 Bicchieri - Annata '14
Vini D'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2015
2 Bicchieri - Annata '13
Wine Enthusiast
87 Points - Annata '10
Vini D'Italia - Gambero Rosso 2012
1 Bicchiere - Annata '10